Corporate Vision, Mission and Culture



The vision of R.C. Informatica:  to be the ideal supplier of specialized, integrated, cross-platform computer products, becoming a reference point in the value chain of business-related IT solutions.

R.C. Informatica’s mission: for this purpose R.C. Informatica, through its highly skilled and competent staff, provides quality IT solutions that create a competitive advantage and a reduction of costs for client companies, ensuring the availability, integrity and security of data, supporting its customers at every stage of project development, and ensuring continuity of the professional relationship with clients and partners.




Our vision and mission create the corporate culture, which can be defined as the set of specific shared values, meanings and ways of thinking of the members of the organization, which determine the behaviour of the members themselves, both inside and outside the organization.

The business values ​​of R.C. Informatica, which make it a valid and reliable supplier and partner, are:

  • TEAM WORK with clear and shared objectives and methods
  • CONSTANT AND CONTINUOUS INNOVATION to identify the resources and specialist expertise that can be used to stimulate change and to cope with an increasingly complex and dynamic environment characterized by globalization of markets and digital evolution.
  • HIGH EFFICACY and EFFICIENCY in the achievement of pre-set business goals.
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT of business performance leading to increasingly higher quality of products and services offered, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.