THE PRODUCT: FOND/WEB is a specialized and integrated ERP management Software for Foundries.
FOND/WEB is a complete software solution for all foundries with sand gravity technology, automatic system and manual moulding, for casting in cast iron, steel, aluminium, bronze and other alloys.

THE EXPERIENCE: The project ERP FOND/2000, created in 1988 in collaboration with ASSOFOND by a working group made up of Foundry consultants, Foundry Production Managers and Foundry Managing Directors, which allowed R.C. Informatica to take on the associated Foundries’ multiple and singular problems of organization and production, became FOND/WEB, a program that is specialist, integrated, simple, intuitive, “that speaks the language of Foundries” with a graphical interface that can be accessed via the web and that is integrated with the Office world.
A fruitful contribution has been given by the subsequent installations that have enriched FOND/WEB, solving time after time the most complex and expensive operational aspects.


Some of the many features of FOND/WEB are:

  • Managing models and equipment
  • Scheduling and controlling the production and loading of systems
  • Determining the cost of castings
  • Documenting the traceability of castings and orders
  • Documenting product defects and quality control





The experience of over 40 installations has also enriched the ICT integrations software:

  • Barcode readers
  • Data collection with portable wi-fi terminals
  • Links with spectrometers, PLCs, piece counters, etc.





  • Graphic interface available via the Web.
  • Integration with the Internet and the Office world with the possibility of automatic transmission of documents by Mail & Fax.
  • Integrated document management with attachments and digital signature.
  • Graphic prints and integrated forms design.
  • It can also be used in Application Service Provider (ASP) mode.
  • Extremely user-friendly and flexible menus and programs.
  • Confidentiality at the group, single user or application level.
  • Data security: data are contained in virus-proof servers with automatic “night data saving” functions.
  • Confidentiality in data access: access with password and programme authorisation for single users.
  • Client/Server architecture: Personal Computers in Windows environment work as terminals (client) but the operations are centralised in the servers.
  • Filling in of fields facilitated by searches with dialogue boxes




  • Patterns/Moulds/Equipment
  • Customers Orders
  • Stock
  • Dispatches – Invoicing
  • Production Scheduling
  • Production
  • Data Collection with Barcode
  • Quality
  • Contract Work Management
  • Quotes
  • Statistics and Budget
  • Purchases
  • Accounting Forms