R.C. Informatica provides:

  • Telematic, telephone and on-site assistance at the Customer’s premises
  • Training for internally developed software and standard Software, environments and programming languages ​
  • Feasibility study and organizational consulting for collecting/passing data and the activation of the IT system

R.C. Informatica carries out a feasibility study aimed at schematising the customer requirements and identifying the most suitable information technology solution and the temporal development of the project while respecting the greatest effectiveness and efficiency.

Organizational type consulting is also necessary for collecting/passing data and the activation of the IT system as it is often not sufficient to buy new software and take the relative training courses to guarantee an efficient activation in acceptable time.

  • Advice on SAP and JDEdwards IT systems

Since 1998 R.C. Informatica has built significant collaborative relationships with qualified partners to provide advice on SAP and JDEdwards IT systems to leading firms such as:

  • Emilia Romagna Region      (in collaboration with ENGINEERING Spa)
  • VM MOTORI Spa                      (in collaboration with TWINERGY Spa)
  • CATERPILLAR Spa                      (in collaboration with TWINERGY Spa)
  • RAVAGLIOLI Spa                       (in collaboration with TWINERGY Spa)
  • ENDEKA CERAMICS Spa          (in collaboration with TWINERGY Spa)



The company’s adoption of an integrated and modular IT system capable of managing the information assets of the company and adapting to the growing business needs, bringing added value and a competitive advantage as a result, requires reliable and high quality hardware and a well-designed company computer network which will:

  • Safeguard the IT assets of the company: it is extremely important to maintain the integrity and ensure the security and protection of data against unauthorized access
  • Ensure maximum flexibility and openness in communications through electronic links with customers and suppliers, access to the web application, etc.
  • Maximise individual productivity in a Client-Server system
  •  Reduce management costs by creating a simple and effective network


R.C. Informatica offers a wide range of solutions for Servers, Personal Computers and Peripherals from trusted brands, always guaranteeing to offer the best price/performance ratio.