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About us


The Company R.C. Informatica, with specific expertise http://bestgrillcover.com from more than thirty years of experience in the production of Application Software and IT Consulting for companies, works in the field of ERP management software, providing tailored solutions that meet the needs of the customer. This customer-oriented philosophy, which focuses on the constant search for maximum effectiveness and efficiency and continuous technological innovation, is aimed at the maximum satisfaction of business customers, with reliable software and quality that enable the integrated management and improvement of business processes with a consequent growth of client companies. Business and technology are in fact two highly interdependent factors. The most successful applications of R.C. Informatica in the context of ERP management software have been found in the foundry industry. The first versions of the integrated software application programs date back to 1994, when during the computerization of a Foundry an important collaboration was established with ASSOFOND, which allowed R.C. Informatica to take on the associated Foundries’ multiple and singular problems of organization and production, and to create FOND/WEB, a program that is specialist, integrated, simple, intuitive and “speaks the language of Foundries”.

R.C. Informatica also offers computer consulting (SAP, IBM iSeries/xSeries, etc.) and http://basketballshottracker.com develops cross-platform software such as RC-ESM, software developed with PHP and Adobe Flash technology, allowing for constant monitoring of the safety of production facilities, particularly in the foundry.